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What is this site about? is intended as a dictionary-style database of eponyms in medicine. It is primarily intended for doctors in training and medical students although health care professionals at all career levels may find something useful here. The site has a strong emphasis on pathology.

Disclaimer. While every effort was made to ensure that the information presented on this site is accurate and current, mistakes cannot be entirely excluded. It is recommended that standard medical texts are consulted if in doubt. The materials presented here are for review purposes only and should be not used as a substitute for medical advice.

I am a fourth year pathology resident in Pittsburgh, PA. When not chopping up pathology specimens or looking at glass slides, I enjoy cooking, movies, digging in my garden, building furniture from recycled wood, riding trails and building websites. If you wish to add to the site's database of eponyms or simply have a comment or a suggestion, you can contact me here.